599+ High CPC Keywords For Your Blogging Journey (Most Expensive Keywords)

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Google AdSense provides the best way to earn money from your website with minimum hassles. This guarantees a reasonable monthly income from your blog posts that can increase your standard of living.

You should find high-paying AdSense keywords, produce good enough content to handle your topic, and place ads in various sections of your blog. Use SEO, social media marketing, and link building to draw an audience. Consequently, this will boost traffic to your blog and generate unlimited ad impressions or user clicks.

Today, we have prepared 500+ high-bidding words in 2023 that will increase your profit in Google Adsense and allow you to generate successful material concepts.

CPC is the cost an advertiser pays per click by a user in PPC campaigns after the users have clicked on specific keywords. This figure depends on the level of competition. If it is high, advertisers can pay without limitation to arrive at the head of search outputs to increase a CTR level.2 Bronnen:

It’s the highest-rated search engine-based contextual ad network that belongs to the search giant Google – AdSense. Still, for any network, employing this high CPC keywords list 2023 is possible to ensure profitability. These cover multiple aspects ranging from insurance, investment, making money online, and travelling, among others, suiting all kinds of industries.

A newcomer to Google Ad campaigns may lack knowledge of the most effective keywords for the adverts. It is prudent to use paid search campaign optimization services in such situations. They will guide you in achieving intended gains and conversion.

What are High CPC Keywords?

One of the most popular paid search services on the Internet market, which has been operating since at least 2004, is Google Ads. Users can appear at the top or near a Google search results page for a particular search word. The high CPC keywords refer to the highest-paying keywords.

In general, high CPC payers have higher search volumes; thus, they tend to increase webpage traffic when properly utilized in advertising. For those keywords, a lot of competitors have, but as long as your link comes out first in search results, it will help you boost your business and revenue.

These are also high-paying keywords that bloggers and online publishers can benefit from. Usually, ad marketers give a cent to two dollars for each hit of ordinary words. While for low CPC keywords, the amount is between $50 and $500 per click from every visitor.

Try using top-paying keywords in your posts to increase potential Google ad sense. Include additional keyword phrases, if applicable, and grab as much as possible of link juice from niche domains.

Identifying High CPC Keywords

High CPC Keywords For Your Blogging Journey

Conducting Keyword Research

Identifying highly converting keywords begins with efficient keyword research. These essential words can be found by using several tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz Keyword Explorer. Analyze the respective keywords’ search volumes, levels of competitions and average CPCs by focus them in respective niches that are directly related to the content of your blog as well as target audience.

Analyzing Competition and CPC Values

Explore the extent to which the respective keywords are competitive, this may be done through scrutinizing how many advertisers bid for the same words. Such tools as SEMrush or Google Ads may enable one to find out about degree of competition and forecasted CPC figures. Seek keywords that have moderate-high search volume and low competition in order to increase your chances of ranking and earning an income.

Capitalizing on High CPC keywords.

Creating High-Quality Content

This entails creating excellent and appropriate materials oriented towards specialized High CPC key words. Ensure that your content provides value to the readers as you sneak the keywords naturally and sensibly. Good quality content will attract more traffic on your page thereby increasing ad click and hence generating more revenue.

Optimizing On-Page SEO

The use of High CPC Keywords within the title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and text will allow you to optimize the posts for search engine purposes. Keyword density balance ought to be considered together with search engine algorithms and readers in mind. Also ensure that appropriate alt text tags are used for the images to optimize your site’s position in the search engine results page (SERP).

Diversifying Content Formats

Use alternative content formats like infographics, videos, podcasts and interactive content for different audience interests. Using high CPC keywords throughout all of these formats will result in higher visibility which may, in turn, drive more clicks and result into additional income flows.

Best Tools to Find High CPC Keywords

These are the best keyword research tools to discover high CPC keywords for your website or blog,

  1. Semrush
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  3. Ahrefs

Type in the suggested keyword and see suggested keywords phrases that match with it. Go to advanced filters section and specify a CPC rate in order to display keywords for which the cost per click is thirty or higher only. Here’s what to do about it. Use these SEO tools to find the keywords that are going to make the next blogpost a success.

High CPC Keywords List 2023

Let us check the high CPC keywords 2023 in US, UK, Australia, Canada, and India across 32 top niche industries,

1. Automotive ($2.73 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
accent car10,1803,309$54.39All (except UK)
mitsubishi outlander phev10,9703,565$52.64US & UK
toyota mirai13,7304,462$52.50All (except UK)
toyota car102,69033,374$34.35All (except UK)
subaru solterra127,73041,512$32.31US & UK
nissan sunny1,000325$90UK & India
cinch cars84,94027,606$56.09UK

2. Beer & Wine ($1.61 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
doordash liquor1,740566$72.69All (except India & UK)
four roses whiskey1,240403$59.55All (except India)
meritage17,2405,603$54.16All (except India, AUS, & UK)
red stripe beer13,2504,306$46.43All
sierra nevada celebration1,000325$46.26All (except India)
beer 301,260410$41.99All (except India)
doordash alcohol delivery2,390777$40.04All (except India & UK)

3. Blogging ($1.92 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
bluehost wordpress hosting13042$775.05All
bluehost wordpress1,230400$676.35All
bluehost blog16052$420.78All
woocommerce google shopping13042$252.77All
local by flywheel1,010328$142.16All
klaviyo woocommerce5016$90.88All
fastest wordpress hosting1,190387$81.54All
mollie woocommerce103$81.46All
best hosting for wordpress convesio207$79.03All
wordpress expert11036$70.09All
woocommerce developer21068$68.32All
managed wordpress hosting1,420462$66.98All
elementor developer4013$66.76All
wordpress website developer330107$64.90All
wordpress designer14046$62.95All
best wordpress hosting2,240728$60.40All
self hosted blog10033$60.35All

4. Dating & Relationship ($2.18 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
amolatina com1,790582$116.82All
yourtravelmates2,190712$44.44All (except India)
online couples therapy22,5507,329$39.51All
online couples counseling3,3401,086$37.77All
online marriage counseling2,070673$37.15All
dating com reviews1,130367$34.57All

5. eCommerce ($2.22 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
google merchant center shopify440143$905.82All
nexcess magento6020$885.48All
shopify google shopping19062$880.44All
fastly magento103$788.25All
magento 2 hosting15049$784.56All
woocommerce google shopping3010$739.27All
magento ecommerce solutions103$687.27All
magento hosting1270413$648.57All
shopify google24078$609.84All
managed magento hosting10033$600.00All
magento managed services103$526.69All
best magento hosting330107$524.20All
shopify acquires deliverr10033$500.00All
prestashop vs magento103$466.41All
shopify deliverr10033$438.33All
managed magento103$411.62All
magento fastly103$409.69All
add afterpay to shopify103$348.07All
magento varnish103$347.28All
magento cloud22072$286.75All
magento 2 ecommerce8026$280.20All
magento enterprise cost103$269.16All
magento 2 graphql103$265.48All
magento 3103$258.60All
b2b online shopping360117$250.00All
magento ecommerce agency103$249.27All
magento graphql103$248.64All
ecommerce content marketing25081$236.80All
magento cron103$214.07All
erp ecommerce25081$196.42All
tapcart shopify6020$194.85All
magento 2 docker103$193.92All
magento 2 store207$180.01All
magento solution103$171.00All
magento enterprise1410458$166.18All
cloudways magento3010$164.68All
magento ecommerce platform1190387$164.48All
magento 2 optimization207$160.70All
squarespace small business103$157.44All
shopify enterprise17055$150.00All
shopify api node360117$150.00All

6. Education & Jobs ($1.15 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
keiser blackboard10,0003,250$1000US
keiser university blackboard10,0003,250$800US
universal technical institute116,15037,749$259.07US & India
grand canyon university220,57071,685$189.06US
asu graduate programs1,230400$166.22US
msc finance online3010$157.04US
msc computer science online3010$146.50US
purdue online masters670218$138.63US
uta139,92045,474$125US, Aus, & India
gcu masters programs870283$124.21US
asu masters programs1,240403$114.58US
job advertisement1,290419$100.00All
online colleges35,13011,417$85.31All
online business degree5,6201,827$80.04All
online psychology degree9,9603,237$78.12All
dice jobs11,7903,832$77.72All
online social work degree4,3301,407$75All
msw online3,030985$71.62All
social work masters programs2,090679$70.74All
servicenow careers1,020332$60.00All
virtual college10,0103,253$999.99UK, Aus, & India
grand canyon university220,57071,685$189.06UK
teesside10,1903,312$160.45UK, Aus, & India
solent online learning10,8303,520$78.86UK & India
online college courses9,4003,055$65.64Australia & India
psychology courses online1,230400$65.47Australia & India
msw programs4,4101,433$64.92Australia & India
online accounting degree6,1501,999$63.26Australia & India
online mba programs13,2604,310$62.74Australia & India
masters in social work8,5702,785$60.49Australia & India

7. Entertainment ($0.81 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
leonard bernstein10,1903,312$129.06All
the return of the king10,0203,257$58.89All
johannes brahms14,2004,615$58.81All
youtube premium student11,0003,575$49.56All
murder on the orient express1,00,00032,500$48.00All
die hard 210,0003,250$43.96All
steve reich1,070348$39.88All
tina turner songs10,0203257$38.14All

8. Fashion & Beauty ($1.49 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
valentino designer1,010328$543.21All (except India)
human race skincare1,870608$256.74All (except India)
estee lauder makeup4,0301,310$130All (except India)
dime beauty89,47029,078$121.02All (except India)
online clothes shopping12,5804,089$60.08All
tnf gucci10033$59.50All (except India)
liz earle offers2,890939$57.97UK
nars makeup8,1902,662$55.51All
u beauty9,4903,084$53.55UK
hailey beauty foundation6020$50.51UK & Australia
beauty counter canada1,080351$581.76Canada
beautycounter canada1,090354$578.87Canada

9. Finance ($3.27 CPC)

High CPC keywords
Number of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
motley fool stock advisor4,2801,391$801.30US
myloancare newrez10033$490.23US
newrez myloancare1,000325$455.08US
lower mortgage company530172$236.48US
flagstar wholesale10033$211.97US
newrez loancare1,130367$208.98US
better mortgage rates4,5401,476$192.27US
bank of america edd100,05032,516$164US
barclay bank15,4305,015$126.62US
bac stock price10,0003,250$111.21US
boa stock10,0003,250$105US
barclays savings13,2204,297$98.27US
va home loan lenders2,010653$97.22US
usd to npr10,2903,344$91.31US
loancare newrez15049$86.91US
pgim mutual fund17055$86.39US
usd to nrs1,000325$85.94US
merrill lynch benefits10,0103,253$75.45US
fngu stock10,1203,289$72US
etn stock1,130367$70.60US
sainsburys loan10,6403,458$144.37UK
aa loans10,3703,370$64.57UK
secured personal loan23075$63.59All (except US)
secured loan12,8104,163$61.36All (except US)
anz home loan12,3404,011$73.59Australia
td mortgage8,7202,834$72.98Canada
pre approval home loan1,930627$53.25Canada
citibank loan28091$54.87India

10. Fishing ($0.84 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
huk fishing15,0504,891$253.03All (except India & UK)
overtons boat1,990647$167.66All (except India & UK)
bait near me10,0003,250$30.00All
landing craft1,080351$28.75All (except India)
natural catch tuna12,1503.949$27.88All

11. Freelancing ($1.54 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
freelance php developer15049$94.03All
hire python developers850276$91.80All
freelance android developer17055$91.49All
hire freelance developers380124$82.91All
hire wordpress developer970315$76.47All
freelance cfo12039$75.45All
toptal data science207$75.00All
toptal global remote company103$75.00All
toptal pricing17055$75.00All
toptal freelance10033$75.00All
freelance angular developer11036$73.99All
issuu magazine13042$73.53All
developers for hire14046$72.81All
freelance net developer207$67.87All
hire freelance web developer470153$65.52All
freelance react developer9029$65.00All
hire php programmer600195$62.84All
freelance shopify developer11036$61.59All
freelance laravel developer207$60.19All
freelance flutter developer4013$59.21All

12. Gardening ($2.04 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
easy grow15049$57.89All
lettuce grow farmstand2,840923$45.38All (except India)
lettuce grow14,9104,846$41.45All
greenhouses near me14,4704,703$30.00All (except India)
garden house1.510491$30.00All
pallet garden1,100358$30.00All (except India)
wicking beds10033$30.00All (except India)

13. Health & Fitness ($3.33 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
inshape gym1,110361$255.24All
in shape gym1,480481$173.14All
peloton workout2,850926$172.12All
village medical1,01,18032,884$128.24All (except UK & India)
maxpro fitness5,8801,911$110.98All
modern health12,7704,150$106.65All
sole treadmill17,2505,606$92.09All
american medical association16,4905,359$82.85All
medical billing and coding71,15023,124$62.25All
aarp unitedhealthcare25,1408,171$57.05US
mph online1,930627$55.84All

14. Home ($1.18 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
petrol vibes wall art16052$322.44All (except India)
all states home improvement470153$314.83All (except India)
home decor business380124$177.73All
interior design business14046$172.85All
monks home improvement18059$162.83All (except UK)
homelane interiors2,150699$129India
metalplex wall art14046$124.61All
smallwoods home decor13042$85.43US
corporate interior design14046$81.05All
home decor business430140$68.85All
macorner home decor750244$53.07All
no leak home improvements13042$51.23All

15. Insurance ($7.38 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
aarp medicare supplement8,9702,915$1000US
aarp supplemental health insurance14046$1000US
aarp medicare supplement plans2,290744$941.89US
united healthcare supplemental insurance10033$843.04US
three insurance company630205$629.63US
aarp medicare supplement plan f940306$555.58US
three business insurance16052$555.36US
united healthcare medicare supplement plans1,070348$541.10US
humana healthcare1,250406$448.46US
usaa auto quote2,550829$362.59US
united healthcare medicare supplement2,770900$332.58US
usaa quote4,5901,492$296.51US
three small business insurance7023$283.31US
usaa auto insurance quote3,6701,193$281.68US
usaa car insurance quotes2,790907$280.32US
usaa insurance quote7,4502,421$266.64US
aarp medicare advantage18,8306,120$250.57US
united healthcare medicare advantage13,8204,492$208.53US
aarp medicare advantage plans2,240728$203.89US
usaa renters insurance16,3405,311$161.97US
uhc medicare advantage6,3302,057$132.19US
unitedhealthcare dual complete10,0703,273$126.62US
humana medicare advantage plans4,7001,528$125.85US
workers compensation insurance17,5105,691$115.31All
professional liability insurance10,7903,507$110.48All
simply business insurance1,380449$100US & UK
commercial auto insurance12,3504,014$87.92All
d&o insurance4,7201,534$83.51All
commercial vehicle insurance4,2101,368$83.26All
usaa home insurance10,8003,510$82.79US
my sun life103$988.81All (except US)
sunlife insurance plans103$985.04UK
sun life quotes103$781.86UK
sunlife insurance1,160377$628.56All (except US)
sun life over 501,510491$604.91UK
sunlife investment103$564.99UK
sun life insurance4,2601,385$517.05All (except US)
sunlife life insurance5,6901849$513.53All (except US)
sun life insurance company limited8026$398UK
suncorp life insurance590192$281.22UK & Aus
rental cover14046$256.66UK
legal and general critical illness23075$182.56UK
polly life insurance1,290419$175.34UK
business health insurance3,4001,105$152.86UK
small business medical insurance9029$133.73UK
sunlife life insurance quote207$131.62UK
employer health insurance cost103$121.84UK
legal & general life insurance700228$120.93UK
sun life over 50s27088$110UK
life and disability insurance103$103.97UK & Aus
cheap life insurance for seniors103$93.93UK
aviva adviser10,0003,250$92.93UK
canarahsbc10,0003,250$87.75UK, Aus & India
canara bank insurance630205$122.30Aus & India
bendigo bank car insurance1,270413$97.17Australia
cheap life insurance for seniors103$93.93Australia
trupanion canada10,3903,377$90.79Canada
united healthcare medicare advantage13,8204,492$208.53India
hdfc life term insurance920299$109.72India
hdfc term insurance17,9005,818$101.78India
hdfc term insurance plans1,050341$96.32India

16. Law ($2.24 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
truck accident attorney11,3403,686$395.29US
accident attorney18,0005,850$346.01All (except India)
accident lawyer12,5604,082$333.03All (except India)
accident lawyer near me15,4205,012$307.99All (except India)
accident attorney near me2,400780$307.69All (except India)
car accident lawyer near me12,2303,975$294.57All (except India)
car accident attorney8,8202,867$282.76All (except India)
car accident lawyer136,00044,200$264All (except India)
injury lawyer near me14,8604,830$253.44All (except India)
truck accident lawyer12,5404,076$250US
auto accident attorney14,4304,690$250US & Aus
personal injury attorney near me12,3204,004$250All (except India)
auto accident lawyer14,3204,654$244.31US & Aus
injury lawyer16,2605,285$240All (except India)
slip and fall lawyer11,2603,660$222US
motorcycle accident lawyer11,4203,712$214.97All (except India)
personal injury attorney106,47034,603$209.87All (except India)
personal injury lawyer near me9,2303,000$200All (except India)
personal injury lawyer152,82049,667$186.19All (except India)
workers compensation lawyers11,4303,715$104.76US, Aus, & India
workers compensation attorney12,0903,929$97.69India
workers comp lawyer20,3006,598$94.08India
dui lawyers3,1501,024$80.99India
law office11,5703,760$59.68India
workmen compensation15,1004,908$53.95India
morgan & morgan law firm8,9902,922$53.94India
maritime law11,0103,578$53.12India

17. Make money ($1.37 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
do youtube shorts make money1000325$900All
can i earn money from youtube shorts103$900All
how do i get paid on youtube10033$400All
how do you earn money on youtube13042$400All
youtube pay rate10033$400All
youtube money1,340436$400All
how do people make money on youtube1,030335$400All
how do people get paid on youtube10033$400All
how do youtube pay1,000325$400All
how do youtubers make money1,040338$400All
how you get paid on youtube10033$400All
how youtube pays you10033$400All
youtube income1,200390$400All
how to earn through youtube103$400All
how do youtube pay you1,000325$400All
how do you earn from youtube103$400All
how to start getting paid on youtube12039$400All
how do you get paid on youtube1,040338$400All
how youtubers get paid103$400All
do youtubers get paid10033$371.20All
can you make money on youtube1,000325$271.76All
how to earn from youtube10033$167.87All
how to be a youtuber and get paid2,140696$88.28All
youtube pay1,030335$87.82All

18. Marketing ($2.61 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Click-Per-Rate)Location
google ads youtube810263$1000All
g ads10033$1000All
google ads usa103$1000All
promote youtube video3,2701,063$1000All
trueview ads10033$1000All
ads tiktok3,4601,125$1000All
google ads for youtube channel103$1000All
youtube google ads13042$1000All
linkedin inmail ads10033$1000All
youtube ad campaign10033$1000All
promote youtube video google ads15049$1000All
youtube paid promotion15049$1000All
pay to promote youtube video14046$995.46All
linkedin dynamic ads17055$989.85All
youtube video advertising15049$959.07All
youtube video ads670218$950.05All
tiktok ads24,7308,037$921.68All
promote my youtube channel2,600845$895.51All
yt ads9029$870.32All
ads tik tok10033$861.19All
new google ad10033$842.80All
advertise youtube channel19062$833.06All
youtube channel promotion810263$810.79All
linkedin conversation ads17055$786.49All
youtube ads16,1405,246$755.41All
microsoft ads17,4005,655$750All
youtube pre roll ads10033$731.70All
google ads video campaigns103$706.26All
youtube advertising9,3603,042$704.63All
google ad account1,160377$696.45All
google ads expert mode10033$687.33All
google ads video12039$603.82All
linkedin ad campaign18059$599.19All
google video ads19062$574.44All
discovery ads youtube103$566.02All
linkedin video ads14046$541.14All
ads g1,000325$532.80All
google ads account6,1702,005$526.34All
microsoft advertising4,4101,433$525All
linkedin carousel ads17055$517.84All
linkedin ads5,6201,827$500All
linkedin advertising6,7602,197$500All
content strategy4,3301,407$244.93All
content marketing strategy1,660540$128.41All
email marketing platforms9,3203,029$71.24All
klaviyo pricing2,930952$68.61All
email campaign2,520819$58.13All
customer data platform7,8802,561$53.92All

19. Mobiles ($2.55 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
spectrum phone plans10,9003,543$59.63US
verizon cell phone deals950309$51.97US
verizon phone deals10,0303,260$51.97US & Canada
t mobile servicio al cliente11,3603,692$50.40US
spectrum phone17,4205,662$49.22US
xfinity mobile phones21,7907,082$47.25US

20. Parenting ($3.12 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
family link youtube10033$1000All
single parent dating3,6501,186$160.63All
brother in law10,0003,250$97.50All
family life17,6105,723$30.26India

21. Pets ($2.31 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
canidae dog food19,2706,263$70.35All
orvis dog beds4,5701,485$56.42All
sundays dog food13,9104,521$48.84All
petco vet18,0505,866$31.05All

22. Politics & Society

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
political rally10033$176.66All (except India & UK)
united democracy project10033$62.38All (except India & UK)
political movement10033$35.03All
senate races 20241,320429$33.50All (except India & UK)
senate majority pac1,000325$26.95All (except India & UK)
political advocacy17055$24.23All

23. Productivity ($0.91 CPC)

High CPC keywordsNumber of searchesExpected visitsCPC (Cost-Per-Click)Location
twilio flex1,340436$672.45All
sage 3004,2801,391$165.00All (except India)
inventory management software28,9909,422$109.25All
best project management software17,5405,701$76.74All
fleet management system4,5301,472$64.36All
fleet management software4,8901,589$62.85All
sage 1005,1301,667$60.00All (except India)
asana desktop app2,640858$59.77All (except India)
asset management software5,1201,664$51.16All
workforce management software2,390777$40.21All

24. Real estate ($2.32 CPC)

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25. Self improvement ($1.38 CPC)

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26. SEO ($4.88 CPC)

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27. Software & Gaming ($1.87 CPC)

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28. Solar

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28. Sports ($1.22 CPC)

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29. Technology ($2.07 CPC)

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it services15,5605,057$80.91All
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30. Travel & Food ($1.79 CPC)

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31. Web development ($8.23 CPC)

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